11 Wire Haired Dog Breeds That Will Steal Your Heart

wire haired dog breeds

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While all dogs are lovable in their own way, there’s just something special about wire haired dog breeds. From their adorable little faces to their inquisitive personalities, these 11 dog breeds will steal your heart and make you want one of your own.

So if you’re on the lookout for a new furry friend, be sure to check out these 11 cute wire haired dog breeds.


11 Wire Haired Dog Breeds

1.Jack Russell terrier

The Jack Russell terrier has a very active personality and loves to be entertained. They are extremely intelligent, which means they get bored easily if they don’t have enough to do.

So if you’re looking for an energetic wire haired dog breed that will keep you on your toes, this is the perfect choice!


Not only do wire haired schnauzers have a great look, but they also make excellent guard dogs and love to be around their family.

They’re very gentle and affectionate and can become very attached to one particular member of the family if given the chance. This wire haired dog breed are truly fantastic companions.

3.Wirehaired Dachshund

Wirehaired dachshunds are a great wire haired breed that loves nothing more than to cuddle up with you and relax. They’re very protective of their family and will always be on the lookout for anything suspicious going on.

Despite being small, wirehaired Dachshunds have a lot of energy and they love to play all day.

4.Cairn Terrier

As a herding dog, wirehaired Cairn terriers are very clever and will do anything they can to please their family. They love being around children and never stray from the family’s side.

The wire haired Cairn terrier is an excellent wire haired dog breed that makes an great family dog.

5.Airedale terrier

Airedale terrier is a wire haired dog breed that’s happiest when they’re keeping their family safe and sound, they are great dogs for families with young children.

Their protective nature also makes them great guard dogs and they love to be around people so long as they’ve been properly socialized from a very early age.

6.Irish wirehaired terrier

Irish wirehaired terrier is another herding dog breed that will be the perfect companion for your family. They’re affectionate and love to play, but can become destructive if they don’t get enough attention or exercise.

These wire haired dogs are extremely energetic so expect them to always be on the go.

7.Fox terrier

Fox terrier is an energetic and intelligent wire haired dog breed that will always keep you on your toes.

They love playing with toys and going out for long walks, but they’re also very sensitive dogs that need to be treated with care or they’ll become wary of strangers.

8. Wirehaired pointer

Wirehaired pointer is a hunting dog that loves being active and playing with their family. They have a strong prey drive, so you’ll need to keep them on a leash when around other animals or they could chase after them.

Wirehaired pointers are very social dogs and rarely bark so they make an excellent dog breed for families with young children.

9. Wirehaired Vizsla


A very agile large wire haired dog breed, Vizslas are natural hunters that have a lot of energy. They’re extremely intelligent and need lots of daily exercise to keep them happy.

If you’re planning on getting a Wirehaired Vizsla, be prepared for years of cuddles and playtime.

10. Pointing griffon

Pointing griffon is a hunting wire haired dog breed that needs to be active on a daily basis or they’ll become destructive.

They love being around their family but can become very stressed if they’re left on their own too often.

11. Border terrier

Border terrier is a territorial wire haired dog breed that’s very wise and will always be on the lookout for anything suspicious.

They love to play and run around outside, but make excellent guard dogs and like to bark when strangers come around.

How to groom your wirehaired dog

If you’re thinking about adopting a wirehaired dog, then it’s important to understand the grooming requirements. Wire haired dogs need to be brushed on a weekly basis and ideally would have their fur professionally groomed every 4-6 months. 

In conclusion

So, if you’re looking for a dog that will constantly make you laugh and loves to be around people, one of the wirehaired dog breeds might be perfect for you.

Just keep in mind that they do require a lot of grooming, so be prepared to put in the work if you bring one of these furry friends into your home.

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