5 Affordable and Premium Small Dog Wheelchair Models

small dog wheelchair

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Providing your handicapped dog with a quality dog wheelchair is essential to give him the mobility he needs to move around and exercise. Even though they enjoy exercise in different ways, dogs thrive when they are outside.

With a dog wheelchair your pup is supported from underneath with a rear wheelchair, ensuring balance and stability. If your dog is paralyzed from the back legs down, the stirrups can lift its hind paws off the ground safely, preventing injuries caused by scraping or dragging.


Dog Wheelchair History

The dog wheelchair was invented in 1961 by veterinary orthopedic surgeon Dr. Lincoln Parkes, who was a pioneer in the field. As the first company of its kind in the United States, K9 Carts introduced the dog wheelchair.

As a veterinary surgeon, Parkes specialized in orthopedics and neurosurgery following his service in World War II. The demand for Parkes services was high. At the University of Pennsylvania, Parkes estimates that he saw around 96,000 animals each year in the 1950s and 1960s.

There was a time when dogs and other animals were typically euthanized if they had spinal issues that prevented them from using their legs. Parkes was the only person making wheelchairs for disabled animals for the first 20 years of his business, K9 Cart Company. It’s now common to see businesses offering dog wheelchairs as a commodity. Parkes continues to create custom crafts. Parkes has worked exclusively on K-9 carts since retiring from veterinary medicine, even as he continues to work into his 90s.

When to use a Dog Wheelchair

You should consider a dog wheelchair in case your pup has dysplasia, arthritis, paralysis, degenerative myelopathy, neurological issues, surgical recovery, injuries, issues with balance and stability.

You may need to provide different levels of support based on your pet’s condition and mobility needs.

You need a rear wheel dog wheelchair if your pet can quickly move forward with your assistance. The four-wheeled wheelchair is required if, upon stepping forward with a towel, your dog has splayed their front legs outward.

How to know if a wheelchair can help your dog

The best way to test the strength of your dog’s front end is to lift his hind end gently off the ground with a sling. You could make a simple DIY dog rear leg sling using a material grocery bag to do this test.

A wheelchair for dogs may be an appropriate aid for your dog if it’s able to support itself with its front legs.

5 Best Small Dog Wheelchairs Overview

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5 Best Small Dog Wheelchairs

You could choose from many options, and we’ve selected nothing but the best for you and your furry companion. Here are a few recommendations that’ll get you started.

1. Lsnisni Adjustable Wheels Dog Wheelchair

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This Lsnisni Adjustable Wheels Dog Wheelchair for small dogs is veterinarian-approved, perfect for dogs with no mobility or limited mobility in their hind legs. The wheelchair is specifically designed for dogs who have hind legs, allowing them to run and walk as average young dogs do.


  • Adjustable
  • durable and lightweight
  • Veterinarian approved; suitable for dogs with limited or no mobility


  • Size can be unreliable, and upsizing may be necessary

2. Walking Wheels Small Dog Wheelchair

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A dog wheelchair from Walkin’ Wheels can help your best friend enjoy a happy life. The pet wheelchair allows your dog to play, run, and enjoy quality time with the family while providing support for their back legs. Although this specific one is a small dog wheelchair for back legs, it comes in various sizes.


  • Easy storage and transportation
  • Patented adjustable design
  • Durable


  • If a refund is required, you’ll only receive 68% back if it has been used.

3. Adjustable 2 Wheels Color Plating Aluminum Dog Wheelchair By DODOLE

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The DODOLE Adjustable Aluminum Dog Wheelchair will keep the dog’s hind legs supported. The width and height of the pet wheelchair can be tailored to suit your pet’s size. so that it can enjoy walking, running, and playing at the same time as an average healthy dog. 


  • Designed for dogs whose hind legs are disabled and whose waists lack strength.
  • Various size options
  • Wheelchair for small dog can be adjusted in height, width, and length


  • Not Veterinary approved

4. derYEP Pet Scooter Wheelchair

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The Pet Scooter Wheelchair by derYEP is a uniquely designed assistant tool that allows your pet easy mobility and resting periods when needed. The universal silent wheels make it easier for pets to run, change directions, and stop. Maple board with smooth edges reduces collision damage hazards.


  • Unique design that allows resting
  • Comfortable design
  • Flexible material


  • Not Veterinary approved

5. Not a Wheelchair But Try Petsafe Support Harness for Rear Legs

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An elderly, disabled, or injured dog who needs assistance getting up and down the stairs, needs assistance walking, or is at risk of falling, may benefit from Rear Legs Support Harness.


  • Comfortable material
  • Movement safe
  • Hip lift support


  • It can only be used for lifting the dog; it can’t be used to assist in movement

Final Thoughts

It wasn’t that long ago when seeing a dog on wheels was a shock. Pets are now a part of the family. Around the world, pet parents are willing to put themselves out of their way to help their furry friend. A dog in a wheelchair used to seem strange not so long ago. That isn’t the case anymore!

Pet care professionals often recommend and prescribe wheelchairs for a variety of mobility issues. These chairs have become an integral part of animal rehabilitation and treatment. However, pet mobility movements have spread beyond dogs. The world of pets was genuinely changed by one man’s need to change the lives of pets.

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