Small Dog Carriers: 6 Convenient and Cute Options

small dog carriers

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Taking your dog on an adventure – be it the park or overseas – shouldn’t be a stress-inducing activity. The best small dog carriers should keep your pet safe, comfortable, and contained. Finding the best dog carriers for small dogs is something we can help with!  


There Are So Many Options!

First, you need to measure your dog as with all essential items, size matters. You need to find a pet carrier for a small dog, where you’ll need to establish what will work for your pet. Buying a pet carrier that’s too big may result in injuries to you and your animal. So you should ensure your small dog carrier is big enough for your pet to stretch and move around in.    

How To Determine the Size of Your Carrier?

For the length of your dog, measure it from the neck down the back to the tip of its tail. Add three to five inches for the head. Measure from the neck down the front leg to its paw for height. Add three to five inches for the head.

This will give you a good approximation of how big your dog is. For a soft-sided carrier, add four inches to establish how big the carrier needs to be. For a rigid-sided carrier, add five inches. Weigh your dog, as some carriers have weight limits. You might have to go bigger with your carrier to support your dog’s weight.

6 Small Dog Carriers Overview

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Different Carriers for Different Uses

It helps to establish what your small dog carrier will be used for. If you’re using it to take your dog on a plane, the best option is to contact your airline carrier for their specifications and buy accordingly. Here’s a list of possible styles that might help you determine which type of carrier you would like to buy.  

small dog carrier

1. Front Carriers: Pet Dog Sling Carrier by WOYYHO

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The small dog sling carrier is trendy, especially with toy breeds. The WOYYHO Pet Dog Sling Carrier has mesh panels to ensure good ventilation, and it’s very comfortable to carry. This style of small dog carrier is very popular with owners of nervous dogs, as they report that the sling carriers have a very calming effect on their pets. 

The Pro’s The Con’s
– Mesh panels to ensure good ventilation
– Comfortable to carry
– Encourages stress relief
– Awkward to get a dog in and out

2. Tote Carriers: Small Dog Carrier Purse With Pockets by NOBLE DUCK

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The Small Dog Carrier Purse with Pockets by NOBLE DUCK is worn over the shoulder, and this small dog carrier purse is the hottest pet accessory to add to your wardrobe. A tote will work well for you if you can manage your dog’s weight on one shoulder. Totes are a favorite puppy carrier bag. A dog carrier bag will usually be soft-sided and come with good ventilation panels.  

The Pro’s The Con’s
– Soft material
– Easy to wash
– Durable
– Shoulder strap gets uncomfortable over long usage periods

3. Wheeled Carriers: Pet Rolling Carrier With Detachable Wheels by ELEGX

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Ideal for wheeling your best friend around town, wheeled carriers like the ELEGX Pet Rolling Carrier with Detachable Wheels has a pull-out handle that enables you to pull small dogs with you anywhere. They also double as a backpack or purse carrier. A wheeled pet carrier for small dog isn’t suited for rough terrains but will do very well in the city. Some are multi-purpose, transforming from a backpack or tote bag to a wheeled carrier in seconds. These carriers are optimal for well-traveled pets.  

The Pro’s The Con’s
– Collapsible for easy storage and multi-purpose usage
– Large ventilation outlet on three sides
– Two safety ropes: Prevent pets from escaping.
– Not airline-approved

4. Backpack Carriers: Pet Dog Carrier Backpack by WOYYHO

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Features two variations, dog in front or dog in the back. You’re only limited to your dog’s weight. Small dogs will enjoy the WOYYHO Pet Dog Carrier Travel Carrier Front Pack. The view from the front and bigger puppers would be more manageable in the back. When testing backpack carriers, look for a reinforced bottom for safety and stability, extra padding in the shoulders for your comfort, and lots of ventilation for your dog.

The Pro’s The Con’s
– Breathable mesh cloth
– Very comfortable
– Multi-pocket design
– Awkward to get a dog in and out

5. Crate Carriers: Pet Porter Dog Kennel by ASPEN PET

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Crate carriers are the most practical pet carriers for small dogs. The crate carriers have the rigidity of something solid, and you can choose from various styles. 

Hard-sided carriers such as the Pet Porter Dog Kennel by ASPEN PET are ideal for plane travel or long-distance trips. Dogs who chew and escape will be safer in hard-sided carriers. These carriers come with secure ventilation and offer a haven for dogs who don’t like to be jostled too much. 

Soft-sided pet carriers for small dogs are best suited for casual trips around town. Considering your pet’s temperament, some small dog carriers come with zip-up windows to allow for more privacy. Others have expandable compartments for ease of access and ventilation options.    

The Pro’s The Con’s
– Hard-sided for optimal safety
– Ventilation openings provide improved visibility with ample fresh air for pets
– Easy assembly
– Not all are airline approved

6. Dog Strollers: 3-in-1 Pet Strollers for Small Medium Dogs by SKISOPGO

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The ultimate dog transportation luxury. A dog stroller like the 3-in-1 Pet Strollers for Small Medium Dogs by SKISOPGO is a must for any dog lover who likes to spoil their little pet. Some strollers convert into bike trailers that attach to your bicycle and allow you to tow your dog along in ultimate comfort. Equipped with luxury padding and ventilation panels, this dog carrier is the most fun way to transport your beloved doggie. 

The Pro’s The Con’s
– Senior dog-friendly
– Collapsible for easy storage
– Spacious for easy turn around movements
– Don’t provide replacement parts

Final Words

Whatever your choice of pet carrier small dog is, ensure it’s independently tested for safety. Regulating bodies are in place to ensure that your small dog carrier will protect your beloved pet as much as possible.    

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