Small Dog Beds: The Ultimate Guide to Choosing One

small dog beds

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There are so many different small pet beds, and every style has different features that make them stand out. In this article, we’ll cover different types of beds and offer you some tips to help you find cool dog beds for small dogs.


The Best Small Dog Beds You Can Buy for Your Dog

After searching through many of the options available, we chose an easy selection of just five beds with some of their pros and cons.

Important: You want the dog bed to be large enough that your dog can get comfortable and settle down. Measure your dog from head to tailbone and add about two inches for comfort.

With this in mind, here is the list of cute dog beds for small dogs. They will help your dog sleep more comfortably and safely. This list has some of the best dog beds for small dogs you can buy.

6 Best Small Dog Beds Overview

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6 best small dog beds

New Age Pet End Table: Dog Bed and Table 2-in-1 

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Picking a small dog bed can be an overwhelming task. After searching through many products, we decided upon the New Age Pet. The bed is more than just a simple pet bed. It’s a top-rated bed for small dog breeds. This New Age Pet End Table is made of a composite material made from recycled plastic and wood polymers that won’t warp.

The Pros

  • Has a removable pad cover that’s machine washable. 
  • Has an easy, no-tools-needed assembly.
  • One year manufacturer warranty.

The Cons

  • Some owners dislike the material and find it too flimsy.

Self-warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed by K&H Pet Products: Perfect for winter

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K&H Pet Products Self-Warming Lounge Sleeper Pet Bed has a unique design that includes foam sides that contour the pet’s body, keeping them warm and cozy.

The Pros

  • Unlike other small dog beds, this one has a removable top that controls air circulation, regulating the pet’s internal temperature.  
  • Made to keep your pets warm and comfy all year round, indoors or outdoors.
  • Comes in a variety of colors such as brown, black, and yellow.

The Cons

  • These beds aren’t washable at all

Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed by Flappy Dawg: Great for outside use

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Floppy Dawg Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed is one of the comfy, cosy and safe small dog beds that are superior to traditional pet beds—perfect for your pint-sized pooch.

The Pros

  • Offers a variety of cute, fun, vibrant colors like blue and yellow and patterns to match any decor. 
  • Made from super soft and cozy fabrics, these pet beds are extra sturdy with a raised edge, so they support your dog while keeping its body elevated off the hard floor. 
  • They provide a space for small dogs to sleep and relax comfortably. 

The Cons

  • In most cases there seem to be no replacement options, therefore, leaving clients having to purchase a whole new Just Chillin’ Elevated Dog Bed.

MidWest Bolster Pet Bed: Best Budget Option

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It can be a challenge for small dog owners to find the perfect dog bed. Thanks to its tough, orthopedic foam core, the Midwest Bolster small dog bed helps keep your dog comfortable even through the roughest nights.  

The Pros

  • Features machine-washable polyester, faux lambskin, fabric or twill fabrics, and five color choices: camel, dark blue, redwood, taupe, and taupe plaid. 
  • Comes in various sizes for you to choose from. 
  • It was made perfectly for pet crates so your small dog can sleep in comfort while being crated.

The Cons

The quality of craftsmanship has varied, with some beds having incorrect measurements and pieces of material coming off.

Best Friends Made by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic Dog Bed: Amazon Bestseller

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Make sure your best friend doesn’t miss out on the fun with the Best Friends by Sheri Cozy Cuddler Luxury Orthopedic small dog bed. It features an orthopedic foam core, soft plush cover, and high loft polyester fill.

These stylish and cozy mini dog beds are made from nylon to cozy faux premium pet-friendly fabrics. They’re washing machine and dryer safe providing simple cleanup that couldn’t be easier. These small dog beds will make snuggle time more enjoyable. 

The Pros

  • Has an attached pet blanket. 
  • An amazingly soft fake fur interior that provides a sense of safety for promoting sleep, better health, and behaviour. 

The Cons

  • Small workmanship issue where the stitching becomes undone with time.

Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa: High quality materials

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The Furhaven Pet Plush Orthopedic Sofa cute dog bed for small dogs is itself a plush dog bed that comes in four sizes to choose from x-small, small, medium, and large.

Furhaven’s small dog beds are made from orthopedic foam and covered with soft, durable fabric. This sofa is very comfortable, sturdy, and well-cushioned. It’s also easy to clean, making it an excellent choice for your pet.

The Pros

  • Features three bolsters, which are great for snuggling. 
  • It’s available in multiple colors like blue, yellow, and brown. 
  • Has a removable cover that is machine washable up to 40°C.

The Cons

  • The longevity of the materials used is short-lived. It seems that in a short time, the foam becomes lumpy and lacks its once-firm nature when fresh out the package.

What Dogs Want For Their Bed? 

Finding a dog bed for small dogs can be a big challenge. There are many different small dog breeds, and many of them need unique dog beds. 

What dogs want from their small dog beds is no less than what all dogs want from their beds—softness, comfort, and plenty of room for sleeping.

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