Which dog breeds have short hair? Here is a full List

short haired dog breeds

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Dogs come in all shapes and sizes, with a variety of hair lengths. Some dog breeds have short hair, while others have long hair.

If you’re looking for a pup that doesn’t require too much maintenance when it comes to grooming, then consider a breed that has short hair.

In this article you will find a full list of dog breeds that have short hair.


What are the benefits of owning a short-haired dog breed?

Less grooming requirements

A short haired breed is a good choice if you want a dog that has low-maintenance grooming requirements. You can choose from medium or large short-haired dogs, depending on your preferences.

Better for people who has allergies

In addition, they are a better option for people who have a lot of allergies, since short haired dogs tend to shed less.

The house will be much more tidy during the shedding period

If you want to have a cleaner house while having a dog, you should think about short haired dogs. On shedding periods there will be much less hair flying around, since short haired dogs shed way less.

How to care for a short-haired dog?

Short haired dogs are not high maintenance, contrary to short haired breeds. They don’t need much brushing, but their coat will require some attention every now and then. Also it’s advisable to keep short haired dogs clean, especially after they are outside playing or exercising.

A short haired dog can suffer from dry skin. For this reason it is important to make sure your short haired dog’s diet has enough fatty acids (e.g., omega 3) and also make sure his drinking bowl is always filled with clean water.

Short hair dog breeds list

1. American Hairless Terrier

American hairless terriers are a short-haired dog breed that have warm, smooth skin in place of fur. They are believed to be the only breed of dog with absolutely no hair at all.

American hairless terriers are also known for having a pleasant temperament and being highly intelligent. These dogs love to play outdoors in open spaces where they can run freely.

2. Basenji

Basenjis are short haired hunters that also make great family pets due to their gentle and loving nature. Despite not having fur, these short haired dogs don’t seem to get cold since they secrete a natural oil on their skin which acts like a coat against moisture and odor causing bacteria. 

Basenjis are very easy to maintain, only requiring regular brushings and regular trips to the groomer if you want to keep their coats short.

3. Beagle

Beagles were bred for hunting small rodents and rabbits, so they have short hair that helps them maneuver around fields without getting entangled in brambles or underbrush.

This short haired dog breed don’t need a lot of grooming and shed very little fur, however frequent brushing is recommended, especially during spring when they lose their winter coats.

4. French Bulldog

A short haired dog with a great personality. Frenchies are not only easy to maintain, but they love spending time with their owners and don’t require much exercise.

They do shed some fur which means you’ll probably find short hairs around the house on both carpets and hardwood floors.

5. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are short haired dogs that have a long lifespan of 14+ years. These dogs are also low-shedding, making them great pets for people with allergies.

Chihuahuas love being around their owners and are very laid back lap dogs. They can be temperamental sometimes so give these short haired dogs lots of love and attention to keep them calm!

6. Boxer

Boxers have short, shiny coats that are easy to care for. These short haired dogs have a short lifespan of around 10 years and need lots of exercise because they love being active, making them great jogging companions.

7. English Bulldog

English Bulldogs also have short hairs. They are very beautiful dogs and lovely partners. You won’t regret deciding to purchase this dog because of their friendly character.

8. Pug

Pugs have short hair and an average lifespan at around 12 years. A pug is a small, but feisty breed of dog. They can vary in color from black to brown or white and may have markings like spots on their coats as well!

Pugs love snuggles with people – they’re always up for some cuddles after an exciting day out playing games together

8. Bull Terrier

Bull terriers have short hairs and a lifespan at around 15 years. These dogs are very playful with kids and love being social, so they’re great at dog parks and love spending time with humans.

These short haired dogs are also very intelligent – they can be trained to do lots of tricks like rolling over, playing dead, or standing up on their hind legs.


Dalmatians have short hair and their lifespan is around 13 years. Dalmatian’s are very active dogs that love being outside, making them great jogging companions or just walking buddies on their walks together.

10.Doberman Pinscher

Doberman Pinscher is short haired and has a lifespan at around 12 years. These short haired dogs are lively and active with lots of stamina, making them great jogging partners too!

Doberman Pinschers are a protective breed of dog. They have been known to police their owners when needed, and will fiercely defend them from any attacker with teeth bared!

Final words

So there you have it, the full list of dog breeds with the shortest hair. Keep this information in mind when you are looking for a new furry friend and want one that won’t require too much grooming.

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