95 Popular & Creative Dog Names for Red Dogs

red dog names

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Names are important. All the great men and women throughout history were given nothing more than a name as they entered this world. All the dog owners know that their dogs need a great name as well.

Did you bring home a cute red-haired puppy (or planning to bring it home)?  Then you should name him or her one of these red dog names. Sit back, relax and peruse the list (and stop wondering what to name your dog!).

We’ve got loads of great names that will suit both male and female dogs! And if you’re not sure about whether the suggested name suits your own canine’s personality, then read on to find out more about canine names.


95 Dog Names for Red Dogs

Annalee: Like the singer? Then why not give your girl canine companion this beautiful red female dog name?

Aspen: This name is perfect if you want something that sounds natural and earthy.

Auburn: Another great choice if your dog’s coat is a slightly more subtle red.

Beets:  Are they the red of your favorite soup, or are you more of a raspberry fan? Either way, this is one of the more fantastic names for red dogs.

Brandon:  If you need a red dog’s male name, Brandon is an easy to pronounce and cute red dog name.

Brandy:  Perhaps your own dog is as sweet and fiery as this liqueur.

Brick:  This is a fantastic name for a dog with red hair. The name can also be used for dogs of other colors, so long as they have the right kind of personality.

Carrot: Perfect if you want to give your dog a food-related moniker – and if you want to know what veggies your pup can eat, check this out!

Cherry: This is a great option if you want to give your dog a sassy name without going overboard!

Chestnut: If the dog is particularly red chested, this is the perfect name!

Chili:  Like the tasty Mexican dish, your dog will be fiery and passionate. Just like you when you eat this dish!

Cinnabar: A striking name, but be careful as it could cause confusion with other names on this list like Cinnamon or Saffron!

Cinnabun: This name is perfect for a brown-haired pup with red highlights. It’s also one of many cute names in our list that suggest tasty treats…

Cinnamon: This name is perfect for the reddest of red dogs.

Copper: If your dog’s fur looks like it’s covered in copper, then this is the perfect name!

Coquelicot: This name means “poppy” in French, so if you want something different, here you are!

Crimson: This is another great name for your striking red canine.

Django:  This canine moniker is sure to make waves wherever your pooch goes. It’s also known as the jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt.

Fire:  Another great name for red dogs! If you’re expecting your canine to be as hot as fire, then choose this one.

Freckles: This is a unique name for a dog, and any owner with a freckled pup will know exactly where the inspiration came from.

Ginger: We got the obvious out of the way first. Ginger is a great name for any dog with ginger fur.

Glint: This is a unique and striking choice of name.

Harley: This name reminds us of a Harley Davidson motorcycle. It’s perfect for a big, tough canine that walks around like they own the place!

Hazelnut: A sweet and simple yet striking name, perfect for owners who want something short and memorable.

Henna: If you want to give your dog a simple but exotic-sounding name, then Henna is perfect!

Holly: If she’s as red as the leaves on a holly bush, then grab this one from our collection. She’ll also have a great Christmas if you give her this moniker!

Jezebel: This sounds like an old-fashioned but striking name for a small pooch with deep red fur.

Juliet: Perfect if you want something that sounds old-fashioned but still modern at the same time.

Jupiter: Like the Roman king of the gods, your dog will be lord over you when you give him or her this name.

Ketchup:  With any luck, your new red dog won’t be as messy as the sauce when they eat their food! But if they are, then you can call them Ketchup after it.

Lola: Is your dog a redhead? Then this name is perfect for her!

Mango: This is another great option for owners who want to get away from traditional names without going too far left – but don’t feed them their namesake!

Marley:  This is a great name for a ginger dog. Marley shows no sign of going away anytime soon, so why not choose this one?

Mars: Like the red planet.

Marshmallow: If your pooch is actually white with light orange fur, then Marshmallow makes a great pick!

Matisse: This is a great name for a dog with a fiery personality. Matisse was also a 20th century artist, famous for his use of color, most notably reds and yellows.

Merlot: Perfect if your dog has deep wine fur (or dusky pinkish fur) on their coat.

Pepper: This is another great and simple name that definitely suits most red dogs out there.

Phoenix: If your pooch has particularly vibrant/long fur, this makes for a striking name.

Picasso: Does your canine have a unique coat color that it’s easy to spot in a crowd? If so, then this name is a must.

Poinsettia: This name is perfect for the pooch with bright red fur (or a cute pink nose).

Poppy: If you want to give your pooch a simple but striking name, then Poppy might just fit the bill perfectly!

Pumpkin: If you want something cute and simple, then this is one of the perfect red hair dog names for you!

Radar: Ideal if you live in the country and your canine can always hear when anyone approaches your home.

Rambo: Would your pooch love to look like Rambo? Then give him or her this cool name!

Red Rover: If you have a particularly large and strong canine, then this is the perfect name.

Red: While you might think that this name will suit every single red dog out there, it’s probably best reserved for the most striking canines.

Redford: Since Redford is tinged orangey-red in color, why not choose this as the perfect

Renoir: This name is perfect for the pooch with bright orange fur.

Robin: This is another one of those great names for red colored dogs for owners who want to get away from traditional names without going too far left.

Rory or Aurora : These are two unique options with slightly quirky spellings. They’re both short and sweet so they go well with most dogs!

Rose: This is another great choice if you want to give your pet a simple but striking name.

Rubi: This is another old-fashioned but striking pick, perfect for the reddest of red dogs.

Ruby: This awesome name is perfect for all the ruby-coated dogs out there. It’s simple, striking and will suit almost every dog.

Rudolph: Perfect if your dog has his very own bright red nose. 

Rufus:  A great name for a red canine that is slightly smaller than most.

Rusty:   If you want a name for your dog with a bit more of an edge, then consider Rusty.

Saffire:  This is an exotic and interesting pick that still somehow manages to sound modern.

Saffron: This modern and exotic pick makes a nice change from more traditional red dog names.

Sangria:  An appealing moniker for your sassy pooch.

Savanna:  Another great nature-inspired red puppy name!

Scarlet: You can’t go wrong with this old-fashioned but striking name! It’s perfect for the proud pooch that looks like a drop of wine.

Sunset:  This is a great choice if you want to give your dog a neutral yet striking name.

Topaz: Another great option if you want something different yet still striking enough for your red pup.

In Conclusion

We hope you’ve enjoyed our selection of dog names for red dogs. If there’s any name that we missed, let us know in the comments section below!

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