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Can Dogs Eat Celery? How safe is it - anydoggie

Can Dogs Eat Celery? How safe is it?

Yesterday I attended the housewarming party of my friends Patty and John. They prepared a really great assortment of snacks and refreshments. Like me, they are big advocates of healthy …


Can Dogs Eat Wallnuts - Anydoggie

Can Dogs Eat Walnuts? How safe is it?

The other day, while enjoying my breakfast, which consists of a healthy mix of seeds, fruits, and walnuts, I started wondering: Can dogs eat walnuts?  Jo, my fluffy-puff Welsh Corgi, …


Can Dogs Eat Turkey - Anydoggie

Can Dogs Eat Turkey? How safe is it?

This question usually comes up around Thanksgiving. We enjoy time with families and savor a great dinner of roasted turkey with all the mouth-watering sides. My favorite is the turkey, …