Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking? 8 Ways to Stop It

do dogs get tired of barking

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Does your dog bark at everything that moves? Barking can be irritating, especially when it seems like your dog is barking for no reason. Here are eight ways to help stop your dog from barking excessively.


Why Do Dogs Bark?

Barking is a dog’s way of communicating. Your dog may be barking to greet you, or just because they’re playing around and having fun. Sometimes dogs bark out of frustration, such as if their food bowl is empty.

Barking is completely normal doggie behavior, and a lot of pups can be very calm and friendly, but sometimes it can get out of hand. A dog that barks inappropriately, such as when someone comes to the door or during the night when there’s no traffic on the street, isn’t a well-mannered doggie friend.

Do Dogs Get Tired of Barking?

So, do dogs ever get tired of barking?

Well, yes, dogs do get tired of barking. It’s important to note that doggies do need a lot of exercise. If your dog seems bored and has a lot of energy, try taking it for a good, long walk or run before you let them get into mischief. 

You can also take your pooch to the doggie park so they have the opportunity to meet new doggie friends and play around – but don’t forget their muzzle!

How long can a dog bark before it gets tired depends a lot on how active and happy they are overall.

8 ways to stop your dog barking

1.  A Dog’s Bark Is Its Own Reprimand

When your dog barks, do not tell him to stop barking. His bark is his way of reprimanding you for what he thinks you did wrong. You do not want to give him the impression that barking will get him what he wants, so ignore the behavior when it starts.

2.  Never Reward Your Dog’s Barking

Do not do anything to encourage your dog to make noise. When he starts barking do not give him their normal attention or any attention at all, even if you do this all the time when he barks for a good reason such as another animal in his yard. 

This will tell him that he can get something for barking, do not do it. Withholding the reward is how dogs can eventually get tired of barking and stop.

3.  Teach Your Dog To Follow Commands

When you are training your dog to do anything, do it so that he learns the difference between right and wrong. This can be achieved with barking on command only. Give him a specific word when he is barking, and then give him a treat. 

Over time he should learn that barking does not get him what he wants, only the quiet command gets him the reward.

4.  No-Bark Collar To Stop

There are no-bark collars available which do not upset your dog when they bark but do something to distract them.

A do-it-yourself solution is to use a spray bottle filled with water. Spray your dog on the nose when he barks, do not do it enough that they get used to it, but do it so that they know that barking will result in this. This should provide enough distraction for them.

5.  Food-Dispensing Toys Can Be Helpful

How long can dogs bark? Until they get distracted, that’s how long!

Give your dog food-dispensing toys or puzzle feeders (making sure the food is pup-appropriate) which do not let them get all of the food at once. This will be very fun for him to play with. When he barks do not let him do anything with it until he stops barking. 

This should do something to keep your dog busy and stop him from barking.

6.  Muffling Their Bark In Some Way

Try out a bark-muffler – there are plenty on the market!

7.  Keep Your Dog Busy With Toys And Games

Doing this will give your doggie friend something to do when there is nothing else for him to do. This will help tire him out so that he will do something besides bark when he is left alone. Dogs that bark the most are the ones that are bored.

8.   Punish Your Dog For Barking

This can do something to stop your doggie friend from barking when they do not do anything for you. It can be done by spraying a bit of water on the dog or isolating him in a separate room until he calms down. Do not do this if you do not want to do so, but do something that will tell your doggie friend that barking is not the way to get what they want.


So, there you have it – eight ways to help your dog stop barking. While some of them may be easier than others, they’re all worth a try. So, if your main issue is “My dog barks all day while I am at work”, these tips could really help you out.

And if you find that none of these work for your pup and he or she just can’t seem to stop barking, always consult with a professional trainer who can help assess the situation and create an individualized training plan for your four-legged friend.

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