85+ Powerful Dog Names Inspired by Cartoons

cartoon dog names

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Love cartoons and your dog? Why not name your new puppy after a cartoon character?  

That’s right, you can choose from a list of 87 cartoon-inspired dog names

Whether your pup is a silly little terrier with big ears or a walking canine disaster, there’s sure to be a perfect name on this list.


87 Dog Names Inspired by Cartoons

Aladdin –  this handsome pup will steal your heart!

Ariel  – this beautiful princess will charm everyone

Astro  – the doggy whose name is inspired by space adventures

Baloo  – for the bear who loves to cuddle

Balto  – this sled dog will lead the pack

Bambi  – this sweetheart will always be your baby

Bart – the name of Homer’s son on “The Simpsons,” or a cute and clever way to honor your favorite cartoon dad.

Bartok  – for a pup with a mischievous streak

Beast  – this powerful dog will protect his owner

Beavis  – He’s not so bright, but he sure is adorable!

Betty Boop  – The original dark bombshell

Blondie  – She’s quick with a joke

Bolt  – we all want a puppy as loyal as this superdog!

Boo  – only the bravest should apply for this name

Braveheart  – perfect for the pup with endless courage

Bugs  – a clever, fun loving puppy

Bullwinkle  – just like his friend Boris, this pooch has brains and humor

Buster  – a classic cartoon figure of a smart-aleck pup!

Butch  – He’s usually tough on the outside, but a real softie inside.

Buzz (Lightyear)  – because you know he’ll always be number one in your heart

Calvin or Hobbes  – Bill Watterson’s famous comic strip, these two will make you laugh.

Casper  – the friendly ghost is now one of your best buddies

Chipmunks  – this trio of buddies are sure to get into trouble

Cinderella – who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Clifford  – Shredder loves to lick

Comet  – perfect for the blazing fast pup!

Cruella  – this haughty beauty will warm your heart

Crusoe or Marley: Two iconic cartoon dogs that will tug at your heartstrings.

Daffy  – He’s a riot!

Dalmatian  – for your spotted boy

Darkwing Duck  – the original caped crusader

Darla Dimple  – She’ll break hearts with her charming smile.

Darth  – this pup is bad to the bone!

Dexter  – This puppy is smarter than the average bear!

Dipper  – for the pup who loves to explore

Donald  – you don’t have to be a duck to love this name

Donatello  – one cool dude in a shell

Dopey  – silly and full of fun

Drizella  – somebody who loves to argue with her siblings

Dug  – Poppins’ loyal, loveable and friendly canine companion

Dumbo  – the lovable pachyderm that can fly!

Eeyore  – because your new pal always has their head in the clouds

Elmer Fudd  – this wabbit is a tricky one to hunt

Elsa (from Frozen) – who doesn’t want an act of true love?

Ernesto – for the dog that never gives up!

Esmerelda  – for the little girl with big dreams

Fifer (Piglet)  – this pup is extra brave like a lovable, playful piglet!

Fifi (of the Jetsons)  – she’s always glamorous

Flinstone  – any dog that ever chewed on your favorite slippers would be perfect for this name

Foghorn Leghorn  – The name of a character from Looney Tunes.

Fox  – for your cunning little girl

Frankie (Jazzy) – easily spotted with her bright yellow feathers

Fred  – A classic cartoon dog for a classic dog.

Gaston  – you’ll turn every head

Gogo Dodo  – From ” Tiny Toon Adventures .”

Goliath  – a tough little fella who can take anything you throw at him.

Goofy  – a sweet and goofy boy that you wouldn’t trade for all the money in the world. A perfect name for a clumsy pup!

Grumpy  – this little one is never happy

Gulliver  – a sweet friend who loves to travel

Happy  – A cheerful pup with a sunny disposition.

Hercules – because he’s strong as an ox and full of charm!

Homer  – Name your pup after everyone’s favorite cartoon dad on “The Simpsons.”

Hopper (from A Bug’s Life)  – for the adventurous type who loves to explore and play outside. Better watch out for that bird!

Huckleberry Hound  – The name of an animated TV show character, this is also the perfect name for a dog with a loveable face.

Ichabod  – This pup has got some interesting ideas about life!

Jafar  – this conniving villain will have you wishing you had a genie on your side

Jasmine  – if she’s the princess you never knew you wanted, this is the perfect name for her

Jessie  – this cowgirl is ready to round up your heart with her big, fluffy tail and pretty eyes

Lady (from Lady and the Tramp)  – for a sweet pup like this one, there’s no other name that will do her justice

Lago  – this little bird is as loyal as your canine buddy

Lilo (Stitch) – full of energy, always getting into trouble. A perfect name for any dog!

Max – because this little guy was always your favorite friend out of all his siblings.

Minnie  – if this pup loves to get dressed up in bows or pretty dresses, then she’s sure to love her name!

Mowgli  – if your pooch is wild as if he was raised by wolves, this is the name you’ve been looking for

Oliver  – a clever pup who always knows how to get what he wants

Perdita  – a pup as sweet as this little girl deserves her own perfect name

Peter Pan – because your pal will never grow up!

Phil  – a loyal friend who you can always depend on, even for a good laugh

Pocahontas – we think any dog would be lucky enough to share the same name as such a brave and gentle soul.

Pongo  – this guy will always be your number one doggie!

Rajah  – any canine that’s loved by everyone in the palace would be worthy of this regal moniker.

Raphael  – for the turtle you love to turtle with. He’ll charm everyone with his jokes and antics.

Rapunzel – because she has the longest hair of all her sisters, but that doesn’t mean she can’t be tamed!

Scrooge – any dog that’s just as grumpy as he is would definitely wear this name well.

Snoopy  – how could you not love this adorable pup?

Tigger  – he bounces around everywhere wearing his signature stripes; what an energetic little buddy!

Tulip (from 101 Dalmatians) – Tulip makes a perfect name for a dalmatian-loving pup.

Tweety  – a cute one with spunk that will bring joy to your life for sure

Whiskers (from Tom and Jerry) – a sly cat that’ll do whatever it takes to get the mouse. This is one of our favorite cartoon names for any canine pal.

Winnie the Pooh  – every dog deserves a little honey.

Winona (Pocahontas)  – a sweet pup that every John Smith would be honored to have as a friend.

Woody (from Toy Story)  – Woody is the perfect name for a dog who loves to play!

Wrightway (from Animaniacs) – your dog will always find the right way, no matter how crazy it may be!

Zazu  – if your pooch has an opinion on everything, he’ll definitely fit right in with this bird!

Zorro  – if your pup is up to no good, carrying out his hijinks when you’re not looking…this name is for him. 

In Conclusion

There you have it, 87 dogs names inspired by cartoons. With so many canine characters to choose from, you’ll be able to find the perfect name for any pal of yours.

Does your fur friend have a cartoon inspired name? Let us know in the comments below! 

Good luck finding the purr-fect name for your pup.

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