Extensive List of Dog Names for Black and White Dogs

black and white dog names

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Did you just welcome home a cute black and white pup?  Finding the perfect name for this canine friend can be a challenge, just as much as deciding on a new doggo to start. Because they are black and white, there are plenty of great names to choose from. 

We’ve done some research to find more than 50 different names that will work perfectly with your pup’s coloration. There are some surprising choices in our list, but we’re confident you can find one that fits perfectly with your beloved pooch.

Let’s discover the cutest, most original black and white dog names for the cutest lil doggie!


A full list of 50+ black and white dog names

1. Blacky:  This one is a classic. Blacky was first on the list of potential names, and it might be the best fit for your dog!

2. Blade: Blade is both stylish and tough-sounding. It’s the perfect name for your puppy!

3. Blackjack: Blackjack is a classic choice for a black and white dog.

4. Blackie: This is another classic option to consider giving to your canine friend! Blackie is a fantastic black and white dog name!

5. Blackbeard: Blackbeard makes for a very tough-sounding name for your doggie!

6. Bolt: This one might not be as obvious of a choice, but it’s still fun and cute–just like your pup!

7. Blaze: This is another great option that has just enough flair to work wonderfully with your pal’s coloring!

8. Bandit: Your doggy definitely loves to complicate the simple life sometimes by getting in trouble around the house when you aren’t looking… so why not give him/her the perfect moniker? You can call him/her Bandit!

9.  Beelzebub: If you’re looking for something a little different, we’ve found it for you right here! While this name might sound super scary, we think it fits your pet perfectly – especially if it’s a little bit wrinkly!

10. Bullet: Give your buddy a tough-sounding black and white dog name that will fit him/her perfectly! Bullet is another great pick for your pupster.

11. Bruno: We love this Italian boy pick for your pup. Bruno is truly a beautiful and elegant black and white dog name!

12. Brick: Your pup’s black and white coloring makes him/her look like a brick–so this black and white dog name is perfect for your pal!

13. Brutus: Brutus seems like such an intimidating name, but we think that any black and white pooch can pull off making it sound tough-as-nails.

14. Bingo: If you want a black and white dog name that makes him/her feel like a winner, Bingo is the perfect name for him/her.

15. Biscuit: Like his/her black and white coloring, this name is sweet and simple.

16. Beige: Another one that keeps it simple! This color makes your pup look like a perfect work of art!

17. Bruce: While you might think of the famous karate master when you hear this black and white dog name, we assure you it’s far from intimidating or tough-sounding on these pups!

18. Baron: If your doggo has some blue in its eyes consider giving him/her the moniker Baron because it sounds both regal and dignified–which is how he/she should feel with such a handsome face!

19. Bat: This one might be more of a Halloween choice, but it’s cute all the same!

20. Bambi: We know that white can make your pup look like a little baby deer–so this is the perfect black and white dog name for him/her!

21. Basil: If you’re looking for something stylish-sounding to match your pal’s coloring and personality, Basil is the way to go!

22. Bubbles: So sweet and fun at the same time? Yes please! Your doggie has got to love his white coloring, so we think he’ll love this awesome moniker too!

23. Calypso: Calypso is an adorable name that works with any pup’s coloring too. We love this one!

24. Coal: This neat name sounds super cool on these pups, just like their shading!

25. Coco: We think that Coco sounds so elegant and beautiful on these pups–we never want it to leave their sides!

26. Cloud: Cloud is a sweet name that seems to fit with any black and white dog’s coloring too!

27. Casper: We mean no harm, we just think this name seems to go perfectly with your black and white dog’s fur!

28. Daisy: A classic and sweet pick for any pal–but especially one who looks like a classic painting come to life (and has the personality to match!)

29. Felix: Felix is another Italian name that we think works perfectly with your dog’s coloring and personality!

30. Enzo: This one will definitely suit your pup if he/she is used to being the center of attention!

31. Django: If you’re looking for a cool and simple black and white dog name that makes him/her sound like a tough guy (or girl), this one should do it!

32. Eli: Much like your pup’s coloring, this name is simple and elegant- sounding!

33. Ebony: This classic black and white dog name is so chic that we can’t imagine anything that would suit your pal better!

34. Eclair: We think this sounds so beautiful–we could totally see your black and white pooch prancing around with a sweet little cupcake like his/her coloring!

35. Fozzie: We imagine that this name would suit a black and white dog who always seems to have a bit of mischief in his/her eyes!

36. Gatsby: We feel as though Gatsby is a perfect choice for a black and white pooch because it sounds fancy and fabulous–which describes your pup to a T!

37. Gulliver: This sweet moniker sounds fancy in French–but in English it’s just the perfect way to describe your dog’s coloring!

38. Hercules: This one is another great option if you’re looking for something that fits with his/her regal coloring but doesn’t make him/her sound too pretentious either.

39. Halo: Because of their beautiful coloring these pups deserve a unique black and white dog name that works with it, don’t you agree? That’s why we think Halo is a perfect choice!

40. Inigo: Inigo is an adorable black and white dog Spanish name that would suit any pal of yours. It’s cute but it doesn’t make him/her sound totally goofy either!

41. Loki: Loki is a super cute name that matches up with your pup’s coloring beautifully! Plus it has an otherworldly sound to it, which totally suits him/her.

42. Luca: Luca sounds absolutely chic–which makes sense because of its Italian origin. It would definitely suit any black and white pup!

43. Oreo: Oreo is an adorable, simple choice for your black and white pup. Plus it’s even a little on the punny side!

44. Pippin: This sweet English name sounds exactly right on a beautiful pooch like your pal! We just love it!

45. Romeo: If you’ve got a playboy by the name of Romeo, this might be the perfect way to describe his coloring too!

46. Sugar: Do you have a super sweet canine companion who looks as luscious as sugar? Then we think Sugar might be the perfect name for him/her.

47. Sundae: This moniker is totally adorable–and it’s also a great way to describe your black and white pup! We think he/she looks like a walking sundae in his/her coloring, don’t you?

48. Titan: For any big guys who are strong and powerful just like their namesake legendary Greek gods, this could definitely do the trick!

49. Twix: If your pup has a twin, why not name him/her Twix–after his/her favorite candy bar? We think it’s adorable!

50. Valkyrie: This moniker is so cute and regal at the same time–we just love it! It would be perfect for any strong pooch who looks like he/she could take on anything!

51. Vega: This one would work if you’ve got a beautiful dog with eyes that remind you of the star Vega in the constellation Lyra. It’s pretty but simple sounding too, which we really appreciate.

52. Vespa: We’re totally digging this moniker because it’s so chic and stylish–and it’s also a great way to describe your pup too!

53. Vesper: This one is another good name if your black and white pooch has gorgeous eyes that remind you of the star Vesper in Ursa Major, since he/she would be a vesper.

54. Zorro: If you’ve got a strong character who looks like a real life swashbuckler with his/her coloring, then Zorro might be the perfect choice for him/her! It sounds cool but classy too–which totally works for him/her.

In Conclusion

We hope you enjoyed our list of 54 sweet names for your black and white pooch. We tried to include something that would fit nearly every personality type, but it’s hard because they are so diverse and beautiful! 

What other ideas do you have to name your pup? Let us know in the comments section below!

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