18 Nuts, Fruits, and Veggies That Dogs Can Eat or Should Avoid

18 fruits veggies nuts dogs can eat and should avoid

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I don’t know about you guys, but between work, kids, household chores, and traveling, I don’t have much time left for making something specifically for my doggie Karma. 

To make things quick and easy, I usually grab a portion of pre-made dog food from the pet store like Chewy, add it to the food bowl and voila, basta, finito, finish!

However, part of my 2020-Year resolutions is to offer a bit more variety in terms of treats for my dog. To achieve this goal, I decided that the easiest way to do it is to buy stuff that is ready-to-eat, but still healthy. That usually means veggies, fruits, nuts, and meats. 

While choosing the right meat is pretty straightforward, knowing which fruits, vegetables, and nuts are safe for dogs and which are not, can become a sort of a headache.

So I did myself a little cheat sheet with a list of top nuts, fruits, and veggies that are safe and the ones that should be avoided. And in this post, I will share exactly what I have in my 18-item cheatsheet!


TOP 3 Safe Nuts for Dogs

As humans, all we hear is how nuts are full of healthy fats and nutrients, but when it comes to dogs – which nuts are safe for them? Are there any safe nuts for dogs at all?

Well, the simple answer is that nuts are generally NOT the best thing to give to your pooch. But while certain nuts should be avoided at all costs even in tiny amounts, few will be OK in moderation (meaning 1-2 nuts per week).

And here is my Top 3:


If it’s a natural, unprocessed peanut – it can be an excellent treat for your four-legged friend. However, salted, coated, sweetened, or in any other way, processed peanuts should be taken out of the menu for dogs.

2.Hazelnuts (crushed)

I like hazelnuts because in the park where I walk my Karma, there are a bunch of hazelnuts trees, and in September, I get my free snacks from them! I just read that hazelnuts are safe to give to doggies too, so I will be sharing 1 or 2 nuts with my love as well. 

Please note: hazelnuts are quite large, and due to their shape, they can be a choking hazard for small dogs. Therefore – always crush the nut into the smaller, more manageable pieces if you have a little dog.


Cashews are safe to eat for dogs but should be limited to 2-3 nuts per week for small dogs. They are high in fat and protein and can bring trouble if overdosed, but it is an amazing special treat you could give your dog in small quantities.

BOTTOM 3 Nuts that are NOT safe for dogs

1. Macadamia Nuts

Macadamia nuts are as unsafe as it gets when talking about nuts for dogs. They may contain toxins that can cause neurological diseases, and high-fat content will result in indigestion and potentially pancreatitis. 



As discussed in Marion’s article on “Can Dogs Eat Walnuts?” feeding walnuts to your dog is not a good idea. Old and moldy walnuts contain a lot of lethal toxins and can cause death for your dog.


Especially flavored ones, almonds are not a safe choice for dogs. High-fat content can result in pancreatitis, and their size serves as a choking hazard.

“Many of the commercial diets available for dogs are properly balanced with the right amounts of vitamins and other essential nutrients. Therefore, you can give the safe items on this list as treats rather than having to worry about any nutritional deficiencies. If you’re not sure which of these treats to give to your furry friend, or if you are looking for further doggie dietary recommendations, ask your veterinarian for more information.”


TOP 3 Best Veggies for Dogs

1. Green Beans

green beans for dogs

Green beans are amazingly nutritious and high in fiber, iron, and vitamin C and can be served raw or steamed as part of your dog’s diet. Make sure you wash them thoroughly before. Plus avoid canned green beans.

2. Carrots

Carrots are crunchy and full of antioxidants, and most doggies love eating them! For small dogs, though, it is recommended to purree them or cut them into tiny pieces first to reduce the choking hazard. Served raw is the best!

3. Parsley

I love this one because it can do wonders for your doggie’s breath! My little Shiba Inu named Karma loves it. I’m planning to mix in more parsley into his food because they are full of Vitamin A and Vitamin C too!

PeanutsMacadamia Nuts
Hazelnuts (crushed)Walnuts
Green BeansOnions
CarrotsRaw Green Potatoes
Apples and Pears (no seeds!)Grapes, Raisins and Dried Berries

BOTTOM 3 Worst Veggies for Dogs

1. Onions & Garlic

Any amount and in any form, onions or garlic can be extremely harmful to dogs. The reason is that they contain dangerous compounds called disulfides and thiosulphates. When ingested, they mess up the red blood cell circulation, which causes whole lotta trouble. Japanese dog breeds like my Shiba Inu can be even more prone to onion poisoning, so I will keep my doggie Karma far away from any onions!

2. Raw Green Potatoes

Potatoes are amazing for dogs and humans, but only if cooked and fresh! Raw potatoes and raw potatoes that started to turn green are toxic not only for dogs but for humans too. Green potatoes contain solanine, which can cause nausea and neurological problems. Thus your doggies should stay away from raw and especially green potatoes!

3. Rhubarb

Leaves and stems of rhubarb are known to deplete dogs of so needed Calcium. Low calcium levels in blood cause hypocalcemia in Dogs, and it may result in muscle loss, seizures, and renal failure.

TOP 3 Best Fruits for Dogs

1. Apples and Pears (no seeds!)

Apples and pears are excellent fruits to give for your dogs. They are high in Vitamin A and C, and the crunchiness works as a teeth cleaner as well! As always, if you are a small dog owner, make sure to cut it in smaller pieces before giving apples or pears to your doggies.

Beware of apple and pear seeds, though! They contain dangerous poison cyanide. Although when I was checking with the vet how dangerous it is, her response was that they do not pose a serious threat to your dog unless ingested in large quantities. Choking is still possible, however. Therefore only give apples and pears that have their cores and seeds removed.

2. Blueberries

I love blueberries, and they are suitable for dogs too! High in antioxidants and relatively low in sugar, blueberries are a fantastic treat and a healthy dessert for the dogs.

3. Kiwis

I chose Kiwis because they are not as high in sugar as bananas or cantaloupes, which are usually in the best-fruits-for-dogs list. They are high in Vitamin C and Potassium, which supports brain and muscle activity in dogs.

BOTTOM 3 Worst Fruits for Dogs

1. Grapes, Raisins and Dried Berries

Raisins, as you may know, are just dried grapes, and as well as dried cranberries, dried cherries, or any other dried berries, are incredibly high in sugar. Raisins and grapes are also known to create poisoning in dogs, although the exact reason is not yet apparent.

According to Dr. Erica Irish, grapes and raisins have an idiosyncratic effect in dogs, meaning some dogs might eat a couple and be fine while others eat just a couple and develop full-blown kidney failure. It is definitely not worth the risk! She has seen dogs first-hand succumb to acute kidney failure due to grapes :(

2. Apricots

Apricot leaves, stems and kernels, same as cherry pits, contain naturally occurring cyanide, which is a known poison that kills not only dogs but humans too! While the flesh of apricots is not dangerous, biting and chewing apricot kernel can very likely be lethal to your doggie and cause cyanide toxicity!

3. Avocados

Yes, avocado is a fruit. And it’s not the right choice for your dog for two reasons. First is that the high-fat content makes it high in calories and is not recommended for dogs that are obese. The second reason is that avocados contain a chemical called persin that, in large quantities, can be toxic for dogs.


I hope this cheat sheet will help you make healthy food choices for your doggie because sometimes they are not that good at making the best choice themselves. Aren’t we all, though? :)